lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014


Why wait? why don't today?...I was really tired of that questions, so few weeks ago, I decided make thinks happen, don't stare at my window thinking no more, and start acting, take the control of my life and start doing things that makes me happy. For me that's the only way to get happiness, building it by yourself. Sometimes you will feel that you're not able to doing that, sometimes you will feel lost like you're in the middle of the ocean going nowhere in life, sometimes you will hate life, and you will think that this life ain't made for you, also that you ain't made for living this life, and you must be ready for this moment, because you will think about giving up, about suicide, about finishing your life before you turn mad. 

But inside yourself, you will always know that this ain't the solution, that you deserve more, that maybe life you are living ain't the life you want because you didn't did the right things, maybe you wasn't being faithful to yourself...For me that's the start line of everything, self faith, the first person in this world that you must be loyal with are yourself, if not, you won't be loyal to anybody, cause you will be a fake person, a person without content and without soul.
Life's so short for spending time in self-destroying thoughts. But also people spend a lot of time with people that don't deserve their time, with people that don't provide us anything good, people that aren't happy when you are happy, this kind of people will make you feel so alone in life, try to avoid them, try to build relationships with good persons, with people similar to you, who thinks the same or similar way, who loves same things like you, and this way your happiness will be much more near to you.
For ending I want to write one quote from the song I've listened while wrote this post: "I grew up with niggas but don't fuck with niggas, I don't trust them niggas, ain't got love for niggas" 
Remember that some people, even they spent a lot of years by your side, must be removed of your life, don't hesitate to do it when necessary, and you will be happier.
Listening: Phoenix - A$AP Rocky.
Have a nice day.