lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014


There's so much people who doesn't know what really calm is, I wouldn't be this kind of person, I think I couldn't live without that calm state of mind. With calm you will do your best always, until you don't throw all the stress away you won't see your best yourself. Also is a good way to know yourself better, stress always create confusion around us, most of times we're not conscious of that, but really happens. When you feel yourself in complete relax, you are able to adquire some knowledge about who you really are, what are you feeling in every moment, and the sensations that these feeling produce in yourself. So my advice is to keep away the stress, don't let other persons to make them stresses yours, and don't give so much importance to things that don't really have it. 

The best way to reach this peaceful state of mind are for sure weed, a good weed will make you feel that way, making you forget stresses and giving you the opportunity of thinking without the heavy load of stress inside your head.

Sounds Who I Am - Wiz Khalifa, one of best songs for weed smokers, try to pop one joint with it.

Fly high.


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